Monday, April 19, 2010

Im Sorry....

So a couple of weeks ago I was shopping at Kroger, I was in no particular hurry, and my mood was good,  I was in the cereal isle heading toward the end of the isle into the next and a couple turned into the middle of the isle and just stopped, so I too stopped and just waited for a second, hoping they just hadnt seen me, and then move their cart to one side, well that wasnt the case, so I got a little frustrated and said "excuse me", my tone may have been a little irritated. The guy looked at me like I had 3 heads, and said well cant you go around, and I said no not really, you are right in the middle of the isle. So he said something, and I said something snarky back, and then I proceeded on to the next isle, thinking geesh what a jerk! Well as luck would have it, we ended up crossing paths a couple more times in the store, and each time we just ignored each other, but it was uncomfortable. On the way out, they were still glaring at me like how dare you. Now I did not feel particularly good about the encounter, and I didnt like how I snapped back with a rude comment, and it bothered me.
Well if anyone knows me, they know I am a Kroger-a holic, I dont know why but I just like Kroger, and know where just about everything is, so that is were I mainly shop.

I have been to Kroger a couple times since this little incident happened, and by golly each time I am there, so is this couple! My conscious started to kick in though, and I felt guilty for the way I acted each time I saw this couple, but I just pretended not to see them, and avoided the isles they were in, and on the way home the last time, I think God was sending me a little reminder, that, that is not how a Christian should act, so I told myself if I saw this couple again, I would apologize.

So today I went shopping, and again, this couple was there shopping, our first encounter was by the produce, were again I said nothing and neither did they, but the Lord was speaking to my heart, and I knew what  had to do, so by chance again, I went down the cereal isle ( I had a rockin coupon I couldnt wait to use!) and there was the man toward the end, almost exactly were our first encounter took place. He saw me and quickly looked away, and I said "Excuse me sir" and he made a grand gesture with his hands, and an overly dramatic move to get out of my way (LOL it was actually comical in his sarcastic way, that I of course appreciated!) I said no, I dont need to get through, but I would like to apologize for being rude, his face was like wow, I said I felt horrible for making a big deal out of having to wait and then I wasnt proud of our exchange, I told him I had been thinking about it since it had happened and that I was very sorry. He said I forgive you, and gave me the biggest hand shake ever. I said I would also like to apologize to your wife, he just said, dont say another word, it is ok, we forgive you, and thank you so much for having the courage to say Im sorry. I can not tell you how much peace, and humility washed over me, I knew it is what I had to do, and I was feeling stubborn about it the 1st few times I saw that couple, but God just kept tapping me saying, you know what you need to do.

So today I learned a beautiful lesson, and received a wonderful blessing, it made me happy that that man took my hand at shook it, and there was peace in the Kroger isle once again. Im sorry is often hard to say, but it feels so good when you do say it, admit you were wrong, and receive forgiveness ♥

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