Friday, December 4, 2009

For Today......

FOR TODAY... from Kelly's Daybook

Outside my window... it is cold and grey

I am thinking... finishing up Christmas shopping

I am thankful for... my husband who supports our family, beautiful, healthy children and a warm home to live in.

I am wearing... a pair of jeans, a burgundy sweater, fuzzy warm socks, and my slippers

I am remembering... my grandma Frances Wagner who passed away 3 years ago yesterday....I think of her often and miss calling her on the phone when I ran into a baking or cooking  question ♥

I am going... stay home and be warm

I am currently reading...

I am hoping... that I do well when I go back to school in January to finish my nursing degree

On my mind... Excited to see Brianna walking all over the place makes me smile everytime!

Noticing that... I get way more done during the day now that I moved the computer to the basement lol

Pondering these words... Recall as often as you wish, a happy memory never wears out...Libbie Fudum

From the kitchen... Spice cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting

Around the house... need to take down my fall decorations and get the basket of gourds off my front porch now that it has officially snowed, and it is December.

One of my favorite things~ Baking.....I'll bake about anything, I love it!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Island of Heavenly Daze Series....Angela Hunt & Lori Copeland (book review)


This is a Christian series, and one of my favorite reads of all times!
There are five books in this series, and I seriously write this author about twice a year asking her to write another book. This series, just leaves you wanting more! The setting is a quaint little island of the coast of Maine.  The Heavenly part of the island, and unknown to its inhabitants, are the seven men that live along side them who are angels sent from God to help them find their way. These books have such beautiful imagery it makes you feel at home and want to go to this place.....Can someone map quest this island for me please (lol). You feel as though you really get to know the residents of the Island, even the cranky ones become endearing to you as you read through. The authors really give you several perspectives of the Islanders lives, Angela Hunt also publishes actual recipes that are talked about in the book, that make your mouth water as you're reading about them. Another thing I loved about this series was that things that were written about, like for example the description of the Angels were referenced straight out of the bible, and after every book, they give you a ton of information and study questions. This would be an excellent book series to use for any Christian womans book club.
I couldnt put these books down, and normally I read my books and donate them or pass them on, but this series is a true keeper, a series that I can re-read and still enjoy.

I have copied the brief synopsis for these books from Angela Hunts website which is listed below.

 The Island of Heavenly Daze - Book One (With Lori Copeland)
The Rev. Winslow Wickam--rarely at a loss for words--is utterly speechless. His church's generous gift has thrown him into a dither of self-doubt, especially when he overhears parishioners plotting to replace him with a younger, more handsome, more hirsute minister.
Meanwhile, cantankerous Olympia de Cuvier and her estranged niece Annie struggle to be civil to one another for one short weekend. Will they ever put their past behind them and give each other the love and forgiveness they so desperately need? And will the Rev. Wickam's bumbling attempts to prove that he's as exciting, dashing, and modern as any big-city minister save his job--or make him the town laughingstock?

Grace In Autumn - Book Two (With Lori Copeland)
It's November and as the residents of Heavenly Daze are preparing for winter, sacks of undeliverable mail pour in to postmistress Beatrice Coughlin. The requests are different, but the salutation is the same: "Dear Angel . . ."
Perplexed, Bea and her sister Birdie consider answering them under the moniker "angel assistants." But where will the resources come from? When news of the letters spreads, the townspeople are divided over whether to help. Will there be enough funds for their own needs and to share with others? And will the media attention turn their quaint island into a circus or worse--Las Vegas?
Meanwhile, the local art gallery needs a new roof, but proprietors Charles and Babette Graham are tapped out. With the tourist season ending, Charles sets to work on the great American novel while Babette is left to wrestle with financial matters. When an art dealer from Boston shows interest in their son's paintings, it seems like the answer to their economic woes. Could five-year-old Georgie be an art prodigy?
As Thanksgiving approaches, will the bickering islanders make peace long enough to break bread? And will they finally see God's hand of provision for their needs? They will if the real angels who watch over Heavenly Daze have their way.

Warmth In Winter - Book Three (With Lori Copeland)
Vernie Bidderman, proud owner of the Mooseleuk Mercantile, is flabbergasted when the phone rings with a message from her husband Stanley. Trouble is, she hasn't heard from him since the night he left to go bowling and forgot to come home . . . twenty years ago. Is he dying from some dread disease? Or did he come home just to break her heart all over again?
Seventy-year-old Salt Gribbon, the cantankerous keeper of the lighthouse, is living with a secret--two of them, in fact. His grandchildren, Brittany and Bobby, have been warned to stay out of sight lest officials from the State of Maine take them away and place them in a more "suitable" home. Salt is determined to guard his grandkids with secrecy and a rock-salt-and-lima-bean-loaded shotgun, but what are the kids to do when he comes down with the flu?
As the month draws to a close, will Vernie let the mystery of Christmas soften her heart? Will Salt lower the walls he has built to shut out the world? Will Annie and Dr. Marc's son make it home in time for the Christmas Eve service?
The angels who guard Heavenly Daze are on full alert in this holiday season!

A Perfect Love - Book Four (With Lori Copeland)
Floyd and Cleta Lansdown adore their daughter, Barbara. They'd be perfectly happy if Barbara and her husband, Russell, lived with them forever, but Russell's been dropping hints about finding a place of their own and Barbara's talking about starting a family. What could a twenty-three-year-old girl possibly know about raising a child?
Buddy Franklin knows he's the town misfit. He has always marched to the beat of a different drummer, but how can he help being who he is? Yet his lonely days are about to change, for he has sent for a companion, a warm, cuddly creature to occupy his thoughts and listen to the poetry that rises out of him like bubbles from Alka Seltzer . . .
As the new year begins on Heavenly Daze, will Buddy find lasting happiness with his new friend? Will Barbara have a baby? Will Birdie and Salt solidify their plans for marriage?
The month of January holds no rest for the angels who guard the homes of Heavenly Daze!

Hearts At Home - Book Five (With Lori Copeland)
A lovely peach dress and a battle of the bulge. An unexpected farewell and an unanticipated voyage. The briefest month of the calendar presents the angels with the island's biggest challenges.
Edith Wickam, married to the pastor of the Heavenly Daze Community Church, has her heart set on wearing a designer dress to the wedding of the year. Trouble is, the zipper won't close and she has only a few days to lose the pounds that stand between her and perfect elegance. Will she find a diet that works? And can she summon the determination to stick with it?
Annie Curvier is at peace with her world until tragedy presents her with a series of life-changing decisions. Should she say farewell to the island of Heavenly Daze and move to Manhattan? Or should she turn away from what others would call "a sure thing" and try to make a life on the island that has sheltered her through so many storms?
Winter winds are still howling over the island and its small team of angels . . .

This is surely an awesome series to start reading at this time of year (Fall) because as you read on providing you cant put them down like I couldn't, you will be right in season with the book ☺

Angela if you are reading this...Please write another book in this series!!! ☺

Firefly Kristin Hannah (book review)

I just finish an excellent book by Kristin Hannah called Firefly Lane.

Tully and Katie. Katie and Tully. The two girls met in the summer of 1974, when they were both in 8th grade. Katie was from a normal, middle-class family. She wore glasses and braces and was basically a nobody at school. Her mom was constantly trying to get in her business and help her to make no avail. That is, until Tallulah Rose Hart, better known as Tully, moved into the house across the street. Tully was beautiful, destined to be the most popular girl in cool and confident. But looks can be deceiving because Tully was as insecure as they come. She was living with Cloud, the mother who had abandoned her twice before. The mother that was more interested in demonstrations and drugs than her own daughter. Tully was always on edge, just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

But one night, Katie and Tully started talking. From that moment, they were inseparable. That is, until Cloud once again took off, and Tully had to go back and live with her grandmother. But a best friend is a best friend, and even distance couldn't keep them apart.

As the years went by, the girls went to college and studied journalism. Tully wanted to be a star. The next national anchorwoman. And Katie. She really just wanted to find love, and have a family. Through careers and life changes, the two women stayed friends. Best Friends Forever.... "No Matter what". Or one could hope.

Years pass, 30 of them, when suddenly a friendship that was to last forever seems irreparably broken.
This is were the book started getting really good for me, I wont give away the ending, but I will say I laughed and cried for the two hours it took me to finish the book.

There were several parts of the story line in  the book that made em think...Hmm I have heard this before. For instance when Katies husband was injured reporting in a foriegn country in war time, I t made me think of Bob Woodruff, the television anchor who had been seriously injured in Iraq, and there were several of these instances, where I could remember hearing similar things in the news that seemed to be mirrored in this book....That aside it was still a wonderfully written book filled with nostalgia, true to the times. I like the way this book was written and the dialogue between the friends. This was the 1st book I had read by Kristin Hannah, and I would read more of her books!

This story also was kind of personal to Kristin, and if you decide to read her book you will see why, she actually offers a post story letter to her readers in her book, as well as some additional "letters" that her characters wrote back and forth to each other in the book.
When I started this book I thought ok what is so special about this? When I was done I thought WOW that was so good! I have a copy if anyone wants to borrow it!! You can check out more at Kristin Hannah's website.
Firefly Lane Playlist - A bunch of great songs that help you really get more into the book, and take you back!

Friday, October 2, 2009


Philippians 4:13
13 I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.

So this morning I decided to work out, I popped in my biggest loser cardio max dvd and I was off to the races. As I was doing lunges, I heard my knees, going creeeeck creeeeck, no joke they were really making that sound LOL. I thought oh my gosh I hope these babies don't give out on me! I have noticed that as I have been being lazy and havent got much physical activity that I am not as strong as I used to be....I notice it even in the little things, like for example, hiking Baby Brianna's little tush up when I am changing her diaper, I am like whew she is heavy! I have become weak. I haven't been taking care of myself as I should be. Where did my strength go??  I need it back, I want to be strong and healthy!
So despite my creaking I carried on.......and felt great after I was done, sweaty and tired, but it felt good to actually be motivated enough to do a work out instead of saying to myself, just chill on the couch.

Then I was in the shower, and I was thinking about school again. (I think about this all the time, it scares me to death to go back, because I am afraid that I wont remember something I previously learned, or that something will come up with conflicting schedules and Ill be all stressed out, that I am not smart enough....the list goes on. School is one of the most stressful things I think I have and will have to again go through, yet I want to accomplish that goal, I made for myself).

Ok back to in the shower  (LOL) so as I was washing my hair, this verse came to me.

Philippians 4:13
13 I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.

It just made so much sense to me about my whole morning.

I started thinking how everthing happens for a reason.

Failing my one nursing class, put me out of school for at least a year, in that year so many things were happening. Our old house was a construction zone, and what a nightmare to live in constant construction.
We ended up moving, into a great house, which we love, and have a fresh start.

I discovered, that I was pregnant with Brianna, whom we did not plan, but it was God's plan.
Being pregnant with Brianna was such an amazing experience too, because I had her at home, and getting to know my midwife, whom I am sure will be a life long friend was another blessing.
My home birth went very well, and it was such an amazing thing to go through, I wish I would have thought to do it sooner. It really made me appreciate life, and how truely amazing it is!

I became closer to God and started devoting more time to him, and his word. I made it a priority for myself and my family.  I matured in my walk with Him, and I am realizing, how things happen in his time, not ours.
I have met some really great people whom I consider my friends at church, and having them around to influence my life has been another blessing. The self doubt that I had before is slowly fading away and I feel like i have the STRENGTH to accomplish my goals, and to not be afraid, and to step out there and get it done! The enemy held me back by placing fear in my heart, but knowing what I know about God, and my Savior, how can I possibly let this fear keep me anymore?  I CAN'T and I WON'T!

So yeah as I was in the shower I had this epiphany, and I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off me.
God spoke to me, by giving me this verse and letting me know that I have nothing to be afraid of. That through him I have STRENGTH, I know he has already worked in my life, in so many ways, and I also know that he isnt done with me yet.

So here it is WORLD, I am not afraid!

I have Strength, and I CAN do it!

Philippians 4:13
13 I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy Fall Ya'll!

 Fall is here, and there are so many things that I love about it!

So here are my ABC's of  my favorite Fall things.

A - Acorns, apples, Autumn
B - Baking & Butternut squash
C - Cuddling & Colors, I love seeing the trees change, such a variety of color, it is so pretty!
D- Decorating, I think I have the most decorations for Fall, I love pumpkins & scarecrows
E -End f summer ( not one of my favorite things), but E is a challenge LOL
F- Fall Festivities! Pumpkin Patch, Apple Orchard, Hay Rides!
G- Gourds, fun to decorate with.
H -Halloween ,& Harvests
I - Indian Summer, I hope we get one this year
J -Jack -O-Lanterns
K-Kids playing in the leaves
L - Leafs
M -Mug full of hot spiced apple cider MMMM
N - Nutmeg, one of my favorite fall spices
O - October babies, My Brianna ♥
P- Pumpkins, I love pumpkin stuff, the smell, the color, picking one out!
Q - Snuggling under my big warm comfy quilt
R - Reading, perfect for those cool rain fall days, curled up with a good book
S- Squash MMMMM
T - T.V. All my shows come back on that I like to watch
U - Ummmm U is kinda hard lol How about Umbrella, for the rainy days
V - Vibrant colors
W - Wreathe - full of vibrant colored leaves, pine cones, and acorns
X- X is hard too so Im going to say X is 10 in roman numerals, and the 10th month is October....Its all I got

Y - Yard work, I love it actually!
Z - Zesty colors, smells, and flavors & Zuchinni!

Monday, September 14, 2009

My Poor Baby!

Ugh I am almost positive that any mother out there would agree that seeing your children , in pain or hurting in anyway is the worst! Well I think Brianna is teething, and man is she ever miserable! She has diarhea, and her little tush is just bright red :o( I have been using ointment on it, but it stil hurts and she just screams when I have to clean her up....Ugh I hate it! Then tonight, as if it wasnt bad enough that she is cranky and miserable and sore, she gets a runny nose......*long sigh* My other kids never had these symptoms when they were cutting teeth, but this is how it goes for Brianna. So I think tonight when Terry gets home I may run up to walkmart or Meijer and buy one ofthse handy dandy little mesh pacifier gems. We have used the wash cloth and the orajel....Now Im going to try one of these little doo dads, just another thing that wasnt around when the other kids were little. 
Anyway Im praying tonight for some relief for my poor baby, and a good nights sleep. There is nothing worse than a tired stressed momma, and a unhappy teething baby.....Calgon...Take me away!?

Saturday, September 12, 2009

My Dilemna....

Blogging is great! What an awesome place to just get stuff out of your head, and get a little feedback while your at it too! Today's topic is something that I am very torn about and go back and forth with myself like every day on what I should do. It is frustrating UGH! I have been praying about it, but haven't received my instructions just yet.....I don't think?



That is my Dilemna!
Should I go back now, or should I wait. Here is the situation.

 I could go back in January (you have to pick up where you left off) and I would have to take one class, and them 2 days of clincal, for that semester. If I go back in January I am guarenteed a spot in the program, I wouldn't have to wait to get back in. (Bonus for Nursing program)  I wouldnt have to retake any of the classes I already have, which are alot.

If I don't go back in January though, I basically have to start over from scratch, retake everything, and go back into the pool of students trying to get into the nursing program.

Now I was in the nursing program before, and I did ok in it, except for the one med surg. class I didn't pass, which is what kicked me out of the program. (In my defense I'm not dumb, I just was very sick at the beginning of that semester, and fell behind, once you fall behind it is very difficult to "catch up", So I passed one class that semester, and didnt pass one class that semester) of my biggest problems with going to school is my husbands schedule. He works swing shift, and it could be all 3 different shifts in one week, I never know, well I digress, I do know his schedule one week in advance, which stinks! It makes it very hard to plan and coordinate most things. I'm not complaining, I am THANKFUL he has a job! So along with his schedule is my babysitting dilemna.  I dont really have anyone to watch my baby, my one friend who was going to do it for me, went back to work. I am very paticular about's something I worry about alot, because my kids have never been to daycare or anything like that, I have always been here to take care of them or my husband has, with some occasions when family would help us out.

So basically it all comes down to babysitting and his schedule, when I was in school before, for example I would have class all day sometimes one day, and then I would pick the kids up from the babysitters house, or they would be here, and I would have to do dinner, homework, baths etc  on top of all my stuff I would need to get done for school ( your work is never done in Nursing school) LOL
Then the next day I would have to be at clinical really early in the morning like 6am sometimes which poses a dilemna if my husband were on days or midnights but would work out if he was on afternoons.

Are you all still following me?

So this is just what I have been tossing around in my head, for like 2 years!

Another factor is My own fear factor....because I am afraid to fail again..... It is a very demanding program, and I have a family, and I don't want to neglect my family, but at the same time I know that they (they meaning nursing instructors) don't care if your kid is sick, or if you had to do homework and make dinner yadda yadda.....
Another thing I worry about is, what if I forgot the stuff I already learned in the program, and I feel even more lost or behind....UGH It makes me sick going back and forth with this all day long in my head.

The benefits of graduating the program would be that I could get a job, a good paying job at that, just about anywhere once I graduate. Which would help take some of the financial responsibility off my husband, or if heaven forbid something were to happen with his job, or with him, I would be able to support my family.

This stresses me out, but the clock is ticking, if I want to go back I need to have my paperwork in by October......Im terrified, that may sound silly, but it is SO true!

Anyway I thought instead of letting all this bounce around in my head....were I get nowhere, I would see what the outside world has to say.

P.S. Here is my advice to young people....Go to college and get your degree before you have a family, it is so much easier.

Let me know what you think, and if you could keep me in prayer, and ask God to give me some guidance, I would really appreciate it! I know I would be a good nurse, and I know I could using Nursing as a way to minister to people too, I just dont know if I should do it now or wait till my kids are older...........*looooooooooooooooooong Sigh* HELP!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009



Communication is always something I thought I was really good at. More and more I am starting to wonder. I have noticed a change in myself over the past couple of years, as I was once a really outgoing extroverted person, I have now become more of an introvert. I don't think it is bad, but it is different, and it changes how I communicate in a way. I mean yes of course I still strike up conversation with people in the grocery checkout line, tell a perfect stranger I love their hair, or give a random compliment whenever the mood strikes.

 What I am noticing is that once were I was more bold, and willing to take on any debate or conversation, and play devils advocate just to argue the opposite side, I now don't. I was wondering why today....Is it because I like things nice and calm and peaceful ....Well yes that is probably one reason, is it because I have matured....could be. Is it because I don't feel like I always have to fill the silence, maybe. Whatever it is, it has got me thinking.

 One thing I would like to be able to better communicate about and share with my friends, family, and anyone who wants to listen, is my Faith. It is so important to me, and pretty much the main artery of my life. It is important to me as a mother for my children to grow up, knowing the Lord, and having a personal relationship with Him. It is important to me for my husband to come to know Christ, and learn more and more about God's word so he can learn about God's Character. I want every single person in my family to know God's love, and each one of my friends.


I want them to have a relationship and not just a religion.

Since I have been dedicated to learning more, and persuing a relationship with God, I have come to understand Him more, and his love, and wishes for each and everyone of us. He is our Father! If you are a parent you can understand how you want your children to be safe and protected, and the very best for them. Well that is what he wants for us!

I have always been a Christian. Have I always been a "good" Christian? The answer is No. I have Always loved the Lord, but there are times, many times, that I strayed and did things I wanted for myself, that I knew he didn't want for me.  The glory of it all is that he forgives me, he was waiting for me with open arms, as you would wait for your child to come back to you, and you would forgive them, and just hold them and embrace them because you missed them so much while they were gone.

I am not always good at expressing my thoughts, and sometimes when debates get heated or hot topics come up, I cant put my thoughts together well or as quickly as some, but I know one thing. God Loves me, He forgives me when I do wrong things. He craves time with me, and I too crave him!

 Some people cant understand the life of a Christian, when they have given their heart to Jesus, and they want more of him. When you watch old habits  die away and  ask for forgiveness, and sins to be washed away. A change comes about you, not overnight, but it slowly starts happening, and old temptations die away, old thoughts are no longer valid, you are renewed restored and your sins are forgiven. You kind of feel like a new person, and in a way you are. I'm not perfect, Christians aren't perfect, I know personally every single day I have struggles, as a parent, as a wife. I want so badly to be a good person, a nice person, more Christ like, but there are days I wake up in a cranky mood, yell at my kids, curse at traffic, make a snarky comment to my husband....yeah not always nice, but real, and every night I ask God to forgive me for those things, to help me to be a better Christian, to help me forgive others.

So while I love to share my faith with my Christian friends & family, and it is very easy to strike up a conversation about Jesus, or the Bible with them, it isn't always so easy to share when you are met with opposition, or negativity. I know that is what God wants me to do, and those are the people God wants me to share with, sometimes it is not easy. I have never been afraid to talk about God, or tell someone I was a Christian, but I would like to be able to effectively discuss my Faith, with those who don't know Jesus, or don't have a personal relationship with him. Or those that have misconceptions about what a Christian is. I want to be an Advocate for God! I don't want to come across preachy, but I want to share his word, his truth, his love! I want my family & friends to know how to get to Heaven. We were created not to make ourselves happy and do what we want, but with a purpose. Our purpose is to fulfill God's purpose. "The Lord has made everything for his own purpose..." Pr.16:4

 I just started a Bible study at my church, that is going to help me learn how to  Share my faith. I'm a very excited about this, and I hope it is a way for God to use me for his purpose! I hope I can learn how to effectively communicate to others and share His message with everyone. I want everyone to know how important it is to have a relationship, not just a religion. I also want everyone to know, that the only way to get to God in Heaven, is by knowing his son Jesus Christ, who did die a horrible death on a cross so that our sins would be forgiven.

This is were some people are like Ok good for you, you love God, but can you just shut up about it. Some people say they are Christians, and maybe they are, but as soon as you start talking about Him, they think you are preaching to them, or you are Holier than thou...or that you think your better than them. Some people are put off by Christians that are sharing their joy, or sharing God's word. People are critical and judgemental, Christians included, but that isn't how God wants us to be. So I'm about to wrap this here novel up, but what I want to say is just get to know God for yourself, and you will see your heart change, and maybe then you will be able to understand why some people cant wait to share with you what they have just learned about Christ, or maybe you will realize the reason they are trying to share Christ with you is because they love you, and they care about where you will be spending eternity. It is about God, not me, not you....but HIM!

That is just what is on my mind for today, sorry if it is scrambled, it is just all the things that were running through my head.... Quite theraputic to get it out of my head and on here :o)