Sunday, February 28, 2010

It's 2010 and I dont have a space car...say whaaaa? LOL

Well I havent blogged in a little while now, sometimes I cant think of anything to write, even though there are 3 million things running through my head. Sometimes, I have a whole list of "other" things I should be doing, or that need to be done. I am realize more and more though how important it is to have some sort of creative outlet, even if somedays it is just more of an outlet than

Life gets busy, I don't know one mom who isn't busy, but I love taking the time out to just reflect on the day, and then 2 months from now, being able to go back and read about that particular day. So I am going to try to be more committed to keeping up with my blog, even if some days are just random mumblings, with much ado about nothing.

Today is February 28 2010......doesn't it seems weird that we are in 2010, when I was little I thought by now we would be living like the Jetson's the new Millennium seemed so far away, and here we are. The Jetson's had many cool things, one of my personal favorites ....ROSIE! I would love to have my own wise cracking robot around here to clean the house, be an extra set of hands, I can imagine how my house would just sparkle and shine! How about  that inst-a-matic dinner maker, you just push in what you would like and waaaaa-lah, dinner is served!
Id have to say the Jetsons had a really cool traveling system too, Imagine being beamed to the grocery store, kind of reminds me of the suction tubes at the bank LOL scary! Instead of my 1996 GMC Savannah I could be whipping around the galaxy in the latest & greatest space car...

Ok so I realize this is all a little far fetched but as a kid, I loved to day dream about stuff like this, and when the Teacher asked us what we thought our world would be like in the 2000's a lot of responses were Jetson  like.....but here we are, and while our technology and world has come a long way, no one is flying in their space car to work, no one has a robot that cleans the house, and no one has an inst-a-matic that whips up dinner......So I guess I should stop blogging and get to work!
If you are feeling a little nostalgic or dont know who the Jetsons are here is a link to watch:

Have a great day everyone ♥

No Seams to Bug ya!

My friend Danielle got a chance to review a really cool product from this company, and she is offering a giveaway on her blog, just follow the simple steps and you too could be a winner!

I particularly like this product because my oldest daughter has ALWAYS hated socks, and it is very hard to find socks for her that she is comfortable in, she hates seams!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

GOD's Little Child

This is a poem I found about child abuse, I get so broken-hearted hearing this on the news and knowing that it even happens.....I asked God why? I hate that defenseless children all over the world are suffering, I think it is the ultimate evil.... Children who are abused are always in my is the very 1st thing I ask God to take out of this world, after I thank him for all the ways he has blessed my life...

GOD's Little Child
GOD sent me to you to melt your cold heart
And to give your life a new start
I was just a bundle of love
Sent from Heaven above
GOD had put twinkles in my eyes
From the stars He took from the sky
But I didn't melt your cold heart as you held me that day
I only heard the awful words you begin to say
I feft the blows and I felt the pain
And I felt my life slipping away
As my blood flowed leaving stains
You left me to die all alone
But GOD was watching from His Heavenly Throne
GOD sent His Angels to me and as they wiped away my tears
They told me never again would I know fear
The Angels carried me back to my Home above
Where JESUS greeted me with open arms of love
He smiled at me and said" I know what you have been through because I was abused and murdered to". " I will continue to knock on this cold heart's door and maybe before it is too late
Love will replace hate".
Janice Stancil, 2001