Wednesday, September 9, 2009



Communication is always something I thought I was really good at. More and more I am starting to wonder. I have noticed a change in myself over the past couple of years, as I was once a really outgoing extroverted person, I have now become more of an introvert. I don't think it is bad, but it is different, and it changes how I communicate in a way. I mean yes of course I still strike up conversation with people in the grocery checkout line, tell a perfect stranger I love their hair, or give a random compliment whenever the mood strikes.

 What I am noticing is that once were I was more bold, and willing to take on any debate or conversation, and play devils advocate just to argue the opposite side, I now don't. I was wondering why today....Is it because I like things nice and calm and peaceful ....Well yes that is probably one reason, is it because I have matured....could be. Is it because I don't feel like I always have to fill the silence, maybe. Whatever it is, it has got me thinking.

 One thing I would like to be able to better communicate about and share with my friends, family, and anyone who wants to listen, is my Faith. It is so important to me, and pretty much the main artery of my life. It is important to me as a mother for my children to grow up, knowing the Lord, and having a personal relationship with Him. It is important to me for my husband to come to know Christ, and learn more and more about God's word so he can learn about God's Character. I want every single person in my family to know God's love, and each one of my friends.


I want them to have a relationship and not just a religion.

Since I have been dedicated to learning more, and persuing a relationship with God, I have come to understand Him more, and his love, and wishes for each and everyone of us. He is our Father! If you are a parent you can understand how you want your children to be safe and protected, and the very best for them. Well that is what he wants for us!

I have always been a Christian. Have I always been a "good" Christian? The answer is No. I have Always loved the Lord, but there are times, many times, that I strayed and did things I wanted for myself, that I knew he didn't want for me.  The glory of it all is that he forgives me, he was waiting for me with open arms, as you would wait for your child to come back to you, and you would forgive them, and just hold them and embrace them because you missed them so much while they were gone.

I am not always good at expressing my thoughts, and sometimes when debates get heated or hot topics come up, I cant put my thoughts together well or as quickly as some, but I know one thing. God Loves me, He forgives me when I do wrong things. He craves time with me, and I too crave him!

 Some people cant understand the life of a Christian, when they have given their heart to Jesus, and they want more of him. When you watch old habits  die away and  ask for forgiveness, and sins to be washed away. A change comes about you, not overnight, but it slowly starts happening, and old temptations die away, old thoughts are no longer valid, you are renewed restored and your sins are forgiven. You kind of feel like a new person, and in a way you are. I'm not perfect, Christians aren't perfect, I know personally every single day I have struggles, as a parent, as a wife. I want so badly to be a good person, a nice person, more Christ like, but there are days I wake up in a cranky mood, yell at my kids, curse at traffic, make a snarky comment to my husband....yeah not always nice, but real, and every night I ask God to forgive me for those things, to help me to be a better Christian, to help me forgive others.

So while I love to share my faith with my Christian friends & family, and it is very easy to strike up a conversation about Jesus, or the Bible with them, it isn't always so easy to share when you are met with opposition, or negativity. I know that is what God wants me to do, and those are the people God wants me to share with, sometimes it is not easy. I have never been afraid to talk about God, or tell someone I was a Christian, but I would like to be able to effectively discuss my Faith, with those who don't know Jesus, or don't have a personal relationship with him. Or those that have misconceptions about what a Christian is. I want to be an Advocate for God! I don't want to come across preachy, but I want to share his word, his truth, his love! I want my family & friends to know how to get to Heaven. We were created not to make ourselves happy and do what we want, but with a purpose. Our purpose is to fulfill God's purpose. "The Lord has made everything for his own purpose..." Pr.16:4

 I just started a Bible study at my church, that is going to help me learn how to  Share my faith. I'm a very excited about this, and I hope it is a way for God to use me for his purpose! I hope I can learn how to effectively communicate to others and share His message with everyone. I want everyone to know how important it is to have a relationship, not just a religion. I also want everyone to know, that the only way to get to God in Heaven, is by knowing his son Jesus Christ, who did die a horrible death on a cross so that our sins would be forgiven.

This is were some people are like Ok good for you, you love God, but can you just shut up about it. Some people say they are Christians, and maybe they are, but as soon as you start talking about Him, they think you are preaching to them, or you are Holier than thou...or that you think your better than them. Some people are put off by Christians that are sharing their joy, or sharing God's word. People are critical and judgemental, Christians included, but that isn't how God wants us to be. So I'm about to wrap this here novel up, but what I want to say is just get to know God for yourself, and you will see your heart change, and maybe then you will be able to understand why some people cant wait to share with you what they have just learned about Christ, or maybe you will realize the reason they are trying to share Christ with you is because they love you, and they care about where you will be spending eternity. It is about God, not me, not you....but HIM!

That is just what is on my mind for today, sorry if it is scrambled, it is just all the things that were running through my head.... Quite theraputic to get it out of my head and on here :o)


Danielle a.k.a Yellie said...

I so know what you are saying! I have such a hard time because I am filled with so much joy and just want to share the Lord with everyone and not everyone is all that into hearing about it. There's no easy way to share the joy you're feeling with other people when they don't have it too and don't want to hear about it. Yet, I love my family and friends so much and want them to experience the same joy in Christ that I do! Aaaahhhh! It's definitely not an easy thing, but we also know that we are absolutely supposed to share the Lord with others. I love 1 Peter 3:15 when he says "But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect". I am so full that the love of the Lord just seems to spill out of me sometimes and even though people aren't always all that receptive, I have seen the impact that it is having on those close to me and Jesus keeps cheering me on, so I will keep on going. I love ya, Kell, and you and I have come a long way. I know that if the Lord can transform our lives in the ways He has, He surely can do the same in the lives of the people we love and may He use us in any way He needs, to bring them to Him.

Michiganmommyx4 said...

Hey Kelly,

Looks like you got it all figured out. I went into your site, but everything looked good!

Love the background, btw!

Let me see if I can add to you to my reader...
See ya soon~

*Michigan Momma* said...

See?? Look, I'm a dork.

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Anyways, glad you got it all figured out.