Saturday, March 13, 2010

Where to find some Freebies!

I love getting the mail, I love getting the mail even more when there are freebies in my mail box!
I sign up for freebies whenever, and wherever I can, so I thought I would share some of the places I find my freebies with all of you..... Enjoy!

Walmart Stores send out Freebies!

 Also check out this site, it is called HouseParty. com you can sign up here to host a party at your house, and review different products. I recently did one for Arnold / Oroweat Sandwich Thins They sent me 4.00 coupons to buy their yummy product for my party, they also sent me canvas reusable bags to give to my guests, as well as coupons, notepads, and nutrition information.
 You have to apply for each party you are interested in, and you will be chosen. It is a really fun way to try new things and get the word out about new products too!

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