Saturday, March 13, 2010

Uniquely gorgeous nature themed Jewelry giveaway!

 I dont always wear a lot of jewelry but I found a designer that has designs that completely suit me!
I love nature, I love everything about it, this designers takes Gods creations, and uses them to create art that can wear, this stuff is gorgeous! Check it out, and enter for your chance to win!

Delicate, feminine, elegant..... Well-made jewelry has the gift of making a woman feel special.

For jewelry to really stand out in my mind, however, it has to make me feel a certain way or tell a certain story. That's where Beads Story Etsy shop comes in. As a behavioral therapist working with kids all day long, I find joy in a well told story and am always looking for ways to bring some sophisticated whimsy into my life.

Beads Story's collection of handcrafted beaded jewelry does just this...

With a mixture of elegance and enchantment, Beads Story jewelry draws positive attention towards the wearer. More importantly, however, it allows for her to make her own story about how the piece of jewelry fits into her life, what it symbolizes to her and who she is.

I especially like Beads Story emphasis on nature!

You can find more great stuff at BeadsStory etsy shop! I discovered this great stuff  at

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