Thursday, November 11, 2010

Update - Life with a 2 year old in a Hip SPICCA cast

Ok So I have been MIA for a bit, a couple of months to be exact. Brianna our youngest broke her femur over Labor day weekend. She is only 2 years old, and was placed in Hip SPICCA cast. SO life was quite hectic around here having an immobilized 2 year old that needed to be kept busy, happy, and entertained for 8 weeks. We made it through though and I am happy to report that she is once again toddling about. It has been a couple of weeks since the cast came off, and in that time she has relearned how to walk, she still has a little bit of a limp, but the Dr says that as her muscles get stronger it will go away, and within a year if her femur is x-rayed, that you probably wont even be able to tell it was ever broke....

I have a list of people to thank that helped us get through all of this, as a Mom I was a complete mess for the first week or two, I was so sad for my little pumpkin, all I wanted was for her to be running around getting into things again, and I can assure you she has resumed those duties! LOL

Ill be posting my thank you list soon, it is pretty long, but for now here are some pictures to chronicle our 7 weeks in the Cast with Brianna.

                                               Brianna watching her favorite Rock N Learn Video
                                          Since her cast was so wide, she didnt fit in her normal carseat or
                                          stroller, so our main means of getting around was the wagon, her is
                                                                       Bri riding in style!
                                                         Play-Doh became a family affair
                                      Riding her little bike, this was the only way she could get around by herself!
                                     Barbies, Kitchen , puzzles, coloring, and lots of use of our imaginations! 
                                             My Little Picasso, finger painting, FUN but messy!
                                         My Aunt & cousins came up and brought fun games & Lunch!
                                                                  Feeding the Fishies
                                                    Our walk around the nature trail
                                                    Breakfast with Aunt Ashley ♥
                                          Feeding the of our fav. pastimes!
                                              Playing on the swingset at Dana's Halloween party Go Blue!
                                  She actually learned how to roll over in that big ole thing, and army crawl around
                                          Snuggling with her Brother & Sister
                                                 All comfy covered up in the quilt Heather made her.
                                                    Oh and then there was the Lego's!
                                           Lot's of arts & crafts, coloring and STICKERS!
                                          Feeding the Seagulls down by the board walk
                                                 Going for a ride in the wagon with Aunt Kimmy ♥

It was a rough couple of weeks, but we made it through, with the help of our family, friends, and church family. A HUGE thank you to everyone, and a special thanks to Cindy Burleson @ Rock N Learn for sending us a giant care package for Brianna, we used it, and she loved it, and really I think she is smarter because of all the wonderful educational  DVD's  and goodies you sent us ♥ I thought that was a super nice thing to do, and you went above and beyond. I really thought that was a very nice thing for you to do for us :o)

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Christina422 said...

You are such a good Mommy!!!! I love the pictures and love that you guys made being in the giant cast as least traumatic as it could possibly be. I love you :)