Sunday, November 14, 2010

Evora Plus, & Evora kids Review & Giveaway!

 Who wants whiter teeth, fresher breath, and  better over all oral health? I DO!
You've probably heard about probiotics for your digestive health, but have you ever considered probiotics for your dental health?

What does it do?  Evora Plus is a mini melt away mint that contains freeze dried probiotics. The probiotics are active bacteria cultures that attach themselves to teeth and gum tissue.  By doing this it disrupts harmful bacteria and promotes gum and tooth health.  A plus to this product is the fresh minty taste and the fact that it will whiten your teeth!  Unlike a mouthwash the benefits of this product last all day.  It is safe for use with veneers, braces, dentures and caps.

I contacted Evora about reviewing their product, and they generously sent me a package of the Evora Plus & Evora kids. I enjoyed using the mints and I also shared them with several of my nursing school friends, only one was not a fan, she said it tasted like vegetables LOL The others said it wasn't bad, and they liked everything that it claimed to offer.  Some people did think that it had a little different after taste too it, but over all most everyone thought it wasn't a bad product and really liked the healthy benefits, and whitening effects attached to a mint!

I personally really enjoyed using Evora Plus, and plan to continue to use it! I do believe that it made my teeth noticeably whiter, and I stayed healthy throughout the first part of cold & flu season. I prefer products that are more homeopathic as opposed to chemically manufactured. 

What is Evora Kids?Evora Kids is a probiotic dental chew geared toward children 3-10 years of age. If you are a parent, you know that your child may not always brush well. There are also places that brushing and flossing just can't always reach. Evora Kids can help keep the balance of good and bad bacteria in check, which is a good thing since an over population of bad bacteria can lead to dental decay.
 My kids love when I review stuff so they too were excited to try the Evora kids!  They graciously sent me a box of Evora kids wild very cherry berry to try. My children are ages 13,11,8, and 2. It is  the same for the kids, 1 tablet twice a day after you have brushed your teeth, the kids said it tasted pretty good, they didn't make any YUCK faces (lol) they actually reminded me some nights that they get one after they have brushed their teeth, that right there speaks volumes!

One thing I really love about Evora Plus and Evora kids is that they do have the probiotics in them, I do believe that probiotics encourage your good bacteria and keep you healthier! Why not add this health promoting mint to your daily regimen, it is easy and affordable!

Now where can YOU buy this mint you ask!? Well Let me answer that for you, you can purchase Evora Plus & Evora kids at GNC, Wal-greens, CVS, Rite- Aid and many other retail stores, you can also purchase it online @

Here is your chance to win  a package of Evora plus, & Evora Plus kids
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